One of the reasons for making adventure motorcycling so attractive is that it often allows one to travel to remote regions. However, the challenge on a motorbike is and always will be, the lack of space and the need to carry extra fuel. Being able to carry extra fuel can truly be a lifesaving exercise but not all bikes can accommodate a Jerry Can and having an expensive long-range touring tank fitted is not always an option.

Thankfully there is an alternative.

Designed for the military, these fuel bladders are the ideal medium to carry extra fuel. Strong, light weight and easy to store. Simply fold or roll when emptied enabling storage in small confined areas, leaving you with more space when it is needed most.

The fuel bladder is easily filled from any petrol pump and each cell has its own spout which fits into its own on-board dust free pouch, further saving space.

Depending on what solution you select, various mounting options have been incorporated into the fuel bladders including D-Rings, daisy chains or integrated straps.


  • Desert Fox Trial 3 Litre: 40cm x 24cm

The Trial 3 Litre Motorcycle Fuel Bladder is designed for Enduro and touring adventure riders and is the ideal medium to carry extra fuel.

Suitable to be tied down on the top of panniers, top boxes or where space is at a premium as well as compact enough to fit into most hydro packs.

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  • Desert Fox Overland 6 Litre: 40cm x 35cm

Suitable for most long-distance riding.  This bladder sports various mounting options, including 6 strong steel D-Rings (suitable for Rokstraps) as well as integrated cinch straps for securing on top of a roll bag, panniers or on a rear luggage rack.

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  • Desert Fox Xtreme 20 Litre: 30cm x 30cm

This is a 20 Litre “collapsible jerry fuel can” for 4×4 and motorcycle back up vehicles. It is ideal for storing emergency fuel in the boot of a car, in the back of a back-up vehicle or strapped to roof racks via integrated D-rings & Daisy chains.

The beauty of this 20 Litre option is that when fuel is not required you simply collapse it to under half its size.

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