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Desert Fox Extreme 20L Fuel Cell


A 20L Collapsible jerry fuel can for 4×4 & motorcycle back up vehicles . Foldaway when empty.

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Desert Fox Extreme 20L Fuel Cell

The Desert Fox Extreme 20L Fuel Cell is designed for 4×4 vehicles and motorcycle back-up vehicles. This is an ideal product for adventure motorcyclists traveling long distances. This is because 20L of extra fuel can be lifesaving on long, deserted highways. This product can be stored in the trunk of your car, strapped to roof racks, or attached to your bike.

Attaching the fuel cell is easy. It includes 8 steel D rings, and additional daisy chains around the fuel cell. This allows you to securely fix this fuel cell to your vehicle, without fear of it coming loose. The D-rings and daisy chains can be tied down with Rok Straps or other tie-downs.

The Desert Fox Extreme 20L Fuel Cell is also easy to store. This is because the fuel cell is collapsible when empty. It can be compacted to half its size, saving you valuable storage space! Therefore, this lightweight and compact product is a great alternative to heavier jerry cans or hard tanks. This is because it is both more affordable, and lighter than these products. Additionally, it saves much more space than standard jerry cans.

All sides of the product are padded, and the bottom has a shape-maintainer to prevent sagging over time. Furthermore, this product includes a 250mm fuel spout, to make it easier for you to pour fuel. This is stored inside a dust-proof pouch. Four handles further help ease your fuel transfer to your vehicle.

This product can be used for both petrol and diesel. Additionally, it can be used for water, as long as the product hasn’t stored fuel previously.


  • 30cm x 30cm x 30 cm cube
  • 0.9kg (empty)
  • 20L storage capacity

If this product is not your ‘perfect fit’, please consider our range of fuel carrying solutions.


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