Desert Fox Trail 3L Fuel Cell


A 3L flexible motorcycle fuel cell that easily folds away when not required. Eliminates the need for heavy, bulky Jerry cans.

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Desert Fox Trial 3L Fuel Cell

The Desert Fox Trail 3L Fuel Cell was designed for Enduro and touring adventure motorcyclists. It is a great fuel carrying solution for riders. This is because it is suited to shorter distances. However, if you are an adventure motorcyclist planning a longer trip, this may still be the product for you! You can purchase multiple fuel cells which can be stacked on top of each other. Alternatively, you can attach the fuel cells at different points on your bike. This allows you to have redundancy. Because if one fuel cell becomes damaged you aren’t stranded. Furthermore, this can be a preferable alternative to carrying a single fuel cell with a higher storage capacity.

You can easily attach the Desert Fox Trail 3L Fuel Cell to your bike. This product has 8-D rings, and daisy chains all around. You can attach the fuel cell to your bike in almost any position with the daisy chains. For example, it is ideal to attach this fuel cell to the top of panniers or top boxes. The d-rings and daisy chains can be attached using Rok straps, bungee cords or other tie-downs. Furthermore, this product is also easily compacted when empty, allowing you to maximize your carrying capacity.

This fuel cell also includes a fuel spout to allow you to easily transfer fuel. This is stored in a dust-proof integrated pocket on the outside of the fuel cell.

This product offers an affordable alternative to expensive (and heavy!) hard tanks or jerry cans. Furthermore, you can use this product to store water, provided that fuel hasn’t been previously stored in it.


  • 40cm x 24cm
  • 0.4kg (empty)
  • 3L storage capacity

If this product does not meet your storage requirements, please consider our range of fuel carrying solutions.


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