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Motogirl at the Flying Brick Store, Cape Town

New Motogirl apparel now available at the Flying Brick Store, Cape Town! You can now buy Motogirl at the Flying Brick Store, Cape Town! Motogirl is a leading British clothing brand, which specialises in women's motorcycle clothing. Their passion is creating motorbike...

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Paddock and other Motorbike Support Stands

Motorbike support stands are a great accessory for your bike! They can be used whether your motorcycle has a kickstand or not, to keep your bike upright. This is a great device if you need to store your bike in a confined space, or if you have multiple bikes. This is...

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Tech Tip – Changing Tires with Motion Pro

Motion Pro makes a wide variety of tire levers, from standard steel levers to our signature T-6 Combo Levers, and there is something to fit every job and budget. A particularly cool item is the BeadPro™ Tire Levers, which can assist with breaking the bead on tires, even stubborn tubeless tires.

One of the worst things about changing tires is it seems like two hands are never enough. Luckily, the Motion Pro Bead Buddy® II can help you out. The Bead Buddy® II is like a third hand, holding the bead down into the drop center of the rim, reducing the load on your tire levers and making the job easier.

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Flying Brick Tie-Down Straps – something NEW!

The NEW AND IMPROVED Flying Brick Tie Down Straps have TWO steel carabiners per strap, one at each end (for BOTH the cam-lock as well as the ratchet straps). Our carabiners/snap-hooks have the built-in eyelet, to keep the fixed strap out of the way of the strap loop! Our straps a-l-s-o have the built-in, box-stitched LOOPED ENDS for additional security.

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The Desert Fox EzSeat

At last a compact chair ideal for adventure motorcyclists, walkers, cyclists, campers, concert goers and just about any outdoor activity.The Desert Fox EzSeat is a strong, compact, feather-light camping chair that truly offers lounge chair comfort wherever you chose to be.

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Why do most Adv-riders not use knee braces?

Author: Michnus Olivier / Published in SuperBike Magazine February 2018. It is a good question, and we only really came to think about it when Elsebie ran out of luck fifteen years after starting to ride off-road on dual-sport bikes. But we’ll get on to that a little...

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