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The Wunderlich Strapping Loop Mounts are a great aid for a rider whose bike does not have a tie-down point. Simply attach this product to any bolt (up to M6) on your bike. This also allows you to decide the best position to attach this product to ensure optimal securing of your luggage.

After you have attached it, this product will function as a secure fastening point for straps and hooks. You can easily attach any soft luggage to your seat, for example, with minimal equipment.

This product is perfect for adventure riders going on long trips, who need to secure their soft luggage. This is also a great product for daily commuters who travel with soft luggage. You can rest easy knowing that your valuable possessions are securely fixed to your bike. Please note that you will need to make a permanent modification to your bike to attach the Wunderlich Strapping Loop Mounts.

Colour: Black anodised aluminium.

Please note: Your choice of hard vs soft luggage, and type of straps will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Therefore, if this isn’t the right product for you, please refer to our range of straps and tie-downs to find your perfect fit!


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