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Wunderlich Display Protection film Protector R1200GS/A LC


Protect your BMW Display from scratches with this premium product from Wunderlich.

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These display films are made from high-quality and scratch-proof material, and protect your instrument cluster against unwanted scratches and damage.

You have a choice: The pack contains two display films, one “Ultra Clear” and the other “Anti Glare”:

• Ultra Clear: Offers high scratch resistance and long-term protection, while the extremely flat surface it creates after application makes it almost invisible.
• Anti Glare: Offers the same scratch resistance and protection as the Ultra Clear protection film, but also creates a matte surface that minimises reflections from sunlight that have a particularly negative impact on large TFT displays.

The facts:

  • Easily applicable display protection films
  • Reliably prevents scratches from keys, keyrings and other hard objects

Ultra Clear: Best protection for an unrestricted view

Anti Glare: Best protection and reduction of reflections thanks to a matte surface Perfect fit: No cutting necessary Value retention for your BMW: The display has the best protection beneath this film Easy to replace: Worn-out films can be removed safely and easily, then replaced with a new one

Scope of delivery::>

  • “Ultra-Clear” display protection film
  • “Anti Glare” display protection film
  • Squeegee
  • Polishing cloth
  • Adhesive pad for removing dust

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