Waltec Luggage Rack Yamaha XT660R


Luggage Rack for the back of your bike to attach soft luggage on top of your bike.

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Waltec Luggage Rack Yamaha XT660R

The Waltec Luggage Rack Yamaha XT660R is available in Powder Coated Black. This product is also supplied with fitting instructions. A luggage rack brings many benefits. For example, luggage racks will stabilise your luggage as your ride. This feature is especially useful on off-road journeys. Furthermore, luggage racks can hold a large amount of weight without affecting your motorcycle’s performance. Finally, this product can also be easily mounted and dis-mounted. Luggage racks can accommodate and secure a variety of different luggage types. Overall, this product will increase the functionality of your bike.

When you are using a luggage rack for a long-distance trip, be sure to pack the heaviest items at the bottom. This will help ensure a low, balanced weight. Make sure you aren’t packing too many bags as this could cause failure of the attachment mechanism. If you are worried about this, we suggest using extra straps and tie-downs. These straps are also useful for securing loose luggage and/or packaging. Furthermore, you can check your motorcycle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating to ensure you aren’t overloading your bike.

Finally, your personal wants and needs will affect your choice of soft vs hard luggage. The type of trip you are planning will also affect this choice. Because luggage racks are best equipped for soft luggage, they may not be your ideal solution. You can refer to our range of hard luggage and soft luggage options if this product doesn’t meet your needs.






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