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Desert Fox Trail Enduro Compact Toolkit


A compact model-specific Enduro motorcycle tool kit slightly thicker than 2 ball point pens. This tool kit includes all tools necessary to change a tire, perform general maintenance, and complete repairs when on the road.

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Desert Fox Trail Enduro Compact Toolkit

The Trail Motorcycle Tool Kit from Desert Fox is a compact, and model-specific tool kit. For example, this product was designed to be just thicker than 2 ball-point pens. Therefore, this is a highly compact and convenient product, that does not use much storage space. The Trail Motorcycle Tool Kit is easily stored on your bike. It consists of all the necessary tools to change a tire, perform general maintenance and complete repairs when you are traveling.

Additionally, the product design meets both Din and ANSI standards. In order to be as compact as possible, it includes only the tools you need.

This toolkit includes the following components:

  • a unique T-Bar adjustable ratchet head for working in confined spaces.
  • 13 x S2 bits, 10mm. These quality bits are stronger than 8650 steel bits.
  • Chrome vanadium Flank traction system sockets
  • E sockets (BMW Specific)
  • Axle tool (model dependent)
  • Drop-forged combination open-end spanners
  • 2 x Tyre Levers. These heavy duty, anti-pinch levers have a spoon design, and are made from chrome-vanadium steel.

This product is packaged in a heavy-duty, water-resistant tool roll. This provides great value, without losing out on essential tool requirements. If you are looking for something less extensive than this product, please consider our range of toolkits.

*Please note that the components included will vary based on your bike model.


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