Waltec Crash Bars Honda XRV750 Africa Twin


Crash bars to protect your motorcycle in case of a fall over.

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Waltec Crash Bars Honda XRV750 Africa Twin

What are the benefits of purchasing crash bars?

The Waltec Crash Bars Honda XRV750 Africa Twin will help cushion your motorcycle in case of a fall or accident. These crash bars work by dispersing the force of the collision. This will help reduce the force applied to any one part of your bike during an accident. Therefore, this product helps to shield the critical parts of your motorcycle. For example, crash bars usually work to protect the engine and side panels. Attaching this product to your bike assures that the crash bars will hit the ground before your engine or motorcycle frame does. Furthermore, you can save money in the long-term by buying crash bars. This is due to the security offered by crash bars to more important (and expensive) parts of your motorcycle. This product works best when used with other protection-based products including radiator guards.

The type of crash bars you select depends on your personal needs of safety and security, as well as what type of motorcycle you have. If this product is not the right one for you, we have a large range of crash bars you can choose from. These crash bars are available in the Powder Coated Black colour, and come supplied with attachment instructions.


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