Motorradical Radiator Guard BMW R1200GS/A Liquid Cooled


Protect your radiator from damage with the Motorradical Radiator Guard BMW R1200GS/A Liquid Cooled.

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The Motorradical Radiator Guard BMW R1200GS/A Liquid Cooled is a great safety product for riders! It helps protect your radiator from potential damage caused by flying sticks, rocks or other debris. Thus, it’s a particularly good product for offroad riders. This is due to the high amounts of debris thrown up by a front wheel when riding offroad.

This product is uncoated and made from stainless steel. It will also improve the look and feel of your bike!

There are also several extra reasons to buy a radiator guard! For example, this product saves money in the long term. This is because your radiator will experience far less damage, and you won’t need to spend money replacing it!

Furthermore, the Motorradical Radiator Guard BMW R1200GS/A  also offers indirect protection to your bike. For example, a hole in your radiator will result in water being sprayed on your tires. This increases the chance of an accident. In this case, you’ll end up replacing much more than just the radiator!

Installing this product is also very quick and simple! You don’t need to make any modifications or drilling to fit it to your bike.

To optimize your safety, we also suggest pairing this product with other bike safety parts. For example, crash bars offer extra protection to other parts of your bike like the engine!

If this isn’t the ideal product for you, please consider our wide range of radiator guards to find the best fit!

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