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Waltec Crash Bars Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin


Crash bars to protect your motorcycle in case of a fall over.

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Waltec Crash Bars Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin

The Waltec Crash Bars Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin will reduce the impact of a fall or crash on your motorcycle. This is because the crash bars will hit the ground before other (more expensive) parts of your bike do. They effectively spread the force of impact to multiple points on your vehicle. This reduces the force placed on a single motorcycle component. This allows these crash bars to cushion the most critical motorcycle components. For example, your engine or side-panels will have less impact exerted on them and experience lower damage. The protection offered by these crash bars thus also generates additional savings for you. This is because you will not have to replace the more costly parts of your vehicle in the event of an accident or fall-over.

To optimise the safety and security of your vehicle, we suggest pairing this product with other safety-based products like radiator guards.

The type of crash bars you choose will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. This includes your safety and reliability needs, as well as the model of your vehicle. If these crash bars aren’t ideal for you, we have an expansive range of other crash bars to choose from. These crash bars are supplied with instructions on how to fit them to your bike. They are currently available in the Powder Coated Black colour.


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