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TrTech Two Finger Brake and Clutch Levers


Short brake and clutch levers offer considerable advantages over the levers fitted as standard by manufacturers.

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TrTec Two Finger Brake and Clutch Levers

There are many reasons to upgrade your bike with the TrTec Two Finger Brake and Clutch Levers! For a start, this product gives you better control over your braking function, as well as better clutch control. Additionally, using a shorter front brake lever allows you to only use two fingers on the break, and curl the other two around the throttle. This helps you to maintain “positive control”, or a faster response time. You also will spend less time “fumbling” in stop-and-go traffic. This can enhance your safety and your ability to handle your bike overall, particularly when you’re stationary.

A shorter clutch lever provides similar benefits in terms of enhanced handling capability. For example, the shorter lever allows you to better “feather” or control your clutch in technical riding conditions. Furthermore, you won’t hurt your index and pinky fingers when using your clutch with a shorter lever.

The additional safety benefits of the TrTec Two Finger Brake and Clutch Levers don’t end there. For example, if you are in a collision or accident, using a shorter front brake lever can reduce the damage to yourself and your bike. This is because you will be less likely to “grab a handful of brakes”, as is one’s reflex. This action leads to the front wheel locking up and will either slide out from under you, or you will go over the handlebars.

Finally, buying these products allow you to generate savings in the long-term. This is because if your bike falls or is dropped, there is a lower chance of breakage to your clutch and brake levers. This is because they are shorter, and less likely to hit the ground.

The TrTec Two Finger Brake and Clutch Levers fit the following bikes:


  • BMW F650GS Twin
  • BMW F700GS Twin
  • BMW F800GS/A Twin
  • BMW R1200GS/A Air Cooled
  • BMW R1200GS/A Liquid Cooled


  • Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere

If this product isn’t your ideal fit and is incompatible with your bike, we suggest the Desert Fox 2 Finger Levers Length & Reach Adjustable.


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