TrTech Lowered Footpegs for BMW


Lowered foot pegs that is 20mm lower for better comfort

NOTE: This will not fit the following models:

  • BMW G310GS/R
  • BMW F750/F850GS/A
  • BMW R1200GS/A (Liquid Cooled)
  • BMW R1250GS/A

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TrTec Lowered Footpegs for BMW

The TrTec Lowered Footpegs for BMW are an excellent mod for any rider to have. These foot pegs are 20mm lower than stock standard OEM pegs, and are also wider and longer. They have an open design, which makes it easier to remove mud, ice and debris. We recommend this product to any rider, as it will enhance your comfort and control over your bike. In particular, adventure motorcyclists would have great benefit from lowered foot pegs. This is because the lowered peg allows your knee to be bent at a less constricting angle. This enhances your comfort, especially during longer rides.

The pegs are additionally useful for riders who have large and/or heavy bikes. This is because the foot pegs are also longer and wider than standard pegs. This gives the additional benefit of greater control over your bike. For example, your feet are closer to your foot controls.

Additionally, the TrTec Foot Pegs are also a great product for riders with large bikes as they are longer and wider than standard pegs. Therefore, the platform your foot rests on is larger and offers more support. This further helps your comfort, and provides the extra benefit of greater control over a heavier/larger bike. Their spiked design also gives better grip during wet/slippery conditions.

We believe that this product, while often overlooked, is easily one of the most useful upgrades you could make!

Please note that this product is designed for the BMW motorbike, and will not necessarily be compatible with all models. If you have a different bike model, and this product isn’t the right fit, please consider our range of TrTec Lowered Foot Pegs.



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