Toys2Go Pannier Bags


Motorcycle soft luggage designed for use with the Toys2Go luggage racks or generically with most other luggage racks.

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Toys2Go Pannier Bags are a great soft luggage option for adventure riders going on long commutes! This product is available in either olive green or black.

This pannier bag set will provide you with roughly 35 liters of storage capacity for all your luggage needs! There are two large external pockets, and an internal PVC lining to create a waterproof compartment inside the bag. Therefore, these features will help you stay organized and keep your valuables dry!

Reflective side strips will also enhance your visibility (and therefore safety!) on the roads. Mounting the Toys2Go Pannier Bags is easy, and they are compatible with both the Toys2Go Pannier Racks, and any other brand of pannier rack. They are also compatible with RokStraps, and are alternatively supplied with two elastic support straps.

Finally, this product is made from an acrylic-treated polyester 400gsm (gram per square meter) Ripstop (Riptech). This material is waterproof; UV resistant and fungal resistant. Therefore, these pannier bags are also highly durable! If one of these bags do get damaged, the left and right bags are identical. Thus, you only need to replace one bag instead of buying a whole new set!

Your choice between hard luggage and soft luggage will depend on your personal needs and preferences! If this product isn’t your ideal choice, please consider our range of pannier bags to find the perfect fit! Alternatively, you can look through our hard luggage and soft luggage options.


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