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Turkana PelliPouch™ Frame / Handlebar Bag

While on your ride, whether a short-day trip or a multi-year RTW affair, the PelliPouch™ handlebar bag is an ideal stuff bag to keep valuable items conveniently close to hand on any motorcycle adventure ride. Store away smaller valuable items such as a wallet, phone, passport, etc while dual-sport moto ripping backcountry tracks. We recommend fitting the bag on your handlebar, but anywhere on your exposed frame will work just as well (away from moving parts and exhaust of course!).

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We set out to improve on the much-loved handlebar bag. The challenge is that they are used by enduro riders and adventure tourers and thus had to be able to protect items during off-road work.


PelliPouch™, the universal fit handlebar bag that will work on most motorcycles. This bag does not block your view of the gauges and is highly water repellent.

We added 2 compartments to the bag for more organised storage and water-resistant zips. The big one and one smaller on the outside.


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The padded interior is lined with red nylon making it easy to find things. After fitting this nifty little sucker on your bike, you are officially Turkana-Dakar certified and ready to go on a ride. We make use of 1680 Tuffstuff™ which is a waterproof fabric, and we double stitch the seams.

To make sure the bag can be used on as many motorcycle models as possible we added 3 webbing loops on each side to attach to virtually any frame with cable ties or any other means and 5 wide Hook & Loop straps for additional attachment possibilities. It can be used on a handlebar with a crossbar or without.

On the top of the flap, the M.O.L.L.E straps allow for a small bag to be attached, for added storage.

Vibrations is a given and especially on dirt roads or off-road it is important to protect electronics and other valuables, the Pellipouch™ have a padded integrated strengthening, a shock-absorbing lining and a stiff backbone layer structure to provide more stability rigidity.

Perfect for enduro bikes, snowmobiles and all types of trail riding. It can be used on any of the bigger Adventure bikes such as BMW GS Sub Frames, KTM, Triumph, Ducati and even on their passenger handles.

It is such a versatile little sucker it can be used in 4×4’s or cars as an additional storage pocket or on backpacks or duffle bags.

We are doing less better

The Pellipouch™ fits the Turkana philosophy, in which we tried to find a balance between great quality, lifelong durable luggage and value for money. The bag is affordable, and all components of the bag can be easily mended as slip-ups can happen.


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