RubbaTech Tank Pad Carbon AT


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The Rubbatech Tank Pad Carbon AT is an excellent investment for any rider who wants to keep their bike in perfect condition! This product is designed to be attached over the top or upward-facing area of your fuel tank. It will help protect this area from scratches, dents and other damage; much of which commonly comes from your belt buckle or zipper! Therefore, you will also save money in the long-term when buying the Rubbatech Tank Pad Carbon AT. This is because it prevents damage to your bike, and saves you the (more expensive) cost of having to re-spray your bike.

Finally, this product also helps you enhance your grip and control on your bike. This is because it prevents you from sliding along your bike. This is especially helpful for riders who want to optimise their bike performance.

Rubbatech Tank Pads Features:

These protection pads are hand-made from very strong and durable rubber. They are highly abrasive and UV-stable. This offers the best coverage from scratches and dents to your bike. The UV-stable feature ensures that this product won’t ‘age’ over time and fade due to sun exposure. Further, this product has been designed with both protection and style in mind. Therefore, this tank pad has been designed to mimic the lines and style of your bike.

Attaching this product to your bike is quick and easy. Their product range all utilise a clear PVC application tape, with a glue stability range from -10’C up to 100’C. If this product doesn’t meet your personal needs, we suggest looking at our range of motorbike tank pads!

Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 3 cm


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