Desert Fox EzClean Detailing Kit


The Desert Fox EzClean Detailing Kit is a 7-piece multi-functional cleaning kit. Suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, and cars.

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This Desert Fox EzClean Detailing Kit is a multifunctional cleaning solution not only for motorcycles but also for cars and bicycles.

We all know the dangers of using the wrong tools for cleaning, ultimately causing frustration and even possible damage.

Protect your valuable investment with this hand-picked 7-piece cleaning kit.

All the items you need, and none you do not.

This Desert Fox EzClean Detailing Kit comprises:

Microfibre Wash Mit

This microfiber wash mitt is extra plush and fluffy and will see sponges as a thing of the past – no more trapping of grit that could damage your paintwork..
A fast way to clean your paintwork and bugs from your screen, without the swirl marks.
The long microfiber tentacles attract dirt and dust, speeding up the cleaning process.
Cleans dry and wet surfaces.

Tyre and Rim Cleaner

The design of the short handle ensures you hold the brush tightly and prevents it from slipping.
Broad bristle surface area.
Long bristles for hard-to-reach areas.
Ideal for cleaning tyres, brake discs, frames, swing arms and rims.

Chain Brush

A specially designed brush makes it easier and more efficient to clean your motorcycle’s chain.
Long bristles for heavily soiled chains and hard-to-reach areas.
Hard bristles for easy cleaning and durability.

Chain Cleaning Accessories

A toggle gear cleaner ideal for digging out grime on your mountain or road bike gear cluster.
A fine bristle brush for cleaning derailleurs.

Double SStubble Brush

Shaped and contoured specifically to clean rims and spokes with ease.
Cleans between the swing arm and engine.
Ideal for cleaning the rear shock absorber.
Rubberised non-slip handle.

Detailing Brush

Put that old paintbrush away – there’s a new boy in town. Reaching the deepest and darkest parts of your bike can be a challenge without this tool.
Also perfect for cleaning areas with small gaps such as ignition switches, fluid reservoirs & radiator fins.


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