ATG Cargo Net Black


Keep this cargo net with you for those times when you need to secure items to your bike.

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ATG Cargo Net Black

The ATG Cargo Net is an ideal product to help you secure loose luggage when riding. Straps and tie-downs like this product can be a great help when travelling, especially if you use multiple types of luggage! We recommend this product for all riders, whether going on an adventure trip or simply your daily commute. This product will help secure a bag, tent, ATG stretcher, helmet and even groceries!

This product is made from bungee cord, allowing it to be flexible and secure large luggage items. Bungee cord can stretch up to twice its initial size, therefore offering high storage capacity. It measures 35cm x 35cm; and includes 6 metal hooks to securely attach this product to your bike. There are 3 hooks fixed to the top and bottom, which helps ensure that the net will not come loose and any items will stay secure. Storing this product is quick and easy, it is highly compact and weighs just 235 grams!

Your choice of luggage will depend on your personal needs and wants. If this is not the right option for you, we suggest looking at our range of straps and tie-downs to find your perfect fit!


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