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With the Glove Tacts V3 you can make your Gloves touch screen compatible. We have all had the frustration of trying to change your music, operate navigation, or quickly answer a call on your phone while wearing your gloves and your touch screen just won’t respond. The Glove Tacts V3 Touchscreen contact is an ultra adhesive pad that sticks to the finger section of your glove making it touch screen compatible.

If your gloves are not touchscreen-compatible. You do not need to buy specific touchscreen-compatible gloves you can convert your favorite riding gloves. Each pack comes with 6 pads to use across multiple gloves.

GloveTacts will upgrade your gloves to be compatible with touchscreen devices. Simply place the sticker on the outside of your glove and you’re ready to connect.

  • Will work on all smartphones and tablets
  • Thin and will adhere to most gloves
  • Designed to permanently stick to most glove materials such as leather, cloth, rubber, neoprene, cotton and more.
  • Machine washable
  • 6 universal glove touch screen contacts per pack

How do touch screens on smartphones work?

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