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Motorbike support stands are a great accessory for your bike! They can be used whether your motorcycle has a kickstand or not, to keep your bike upright. This is a great device if you need to store your bike in a confined space, or if you have multiple bikes. This is because the motorcycle stands upright instead of leaning at an angle on a kickstand. There are many support stands to choose from, depending on your unique needs. You can also use a support stand if you want to do general maintenance on your bike. Certain support stands, such as the TRMT005, allow you to lift up your front wheel to do maintenance. Additionally, if you need to transport your vehicle and don’t wish to ride it, a support stand is a great device to ensure your bike won’t fall during transport.

You can rest easy knowing that these support stands are durable and provide stability when working on your bike.

Which motorbike support stand is best for me?

Depending on your needs, you can purchase motorbike support stands which lift either the front or rear wheel. Additionally, there are also designs which can support either the front or rear wheel. Please note that when using a rear stand, you should ensure the kickstand is down before moving the bike onto the stand. However, this may not be the case depending on what type of stand you purchase. We recommend using online resources on how to use a support stand for more information.

The maximum weight our support stands can support is 350kg. Certain models, such as the TRMT016, have a lower maximum weight capacity of 150kg. Please request additional info and/or options as well as price by sending and e-mail to If a support stand is not the best option for you, we also recommend a bike parker as an alternative mechanism. This product allows you to stand your vehicle upright in confined spaces. Furthermore, our Bike Parker Total Solution is able to accommodate bikes of heavier weights, if your bike exceeds 350kg.