This post was last updated on November 22nd, 2019 at 04:29 pm

Having a flat tire can range from a nuisance or inconvenience, right through to being seriously life threatening! Luckily for you, we have a range of compact tools that can help you out when you find yourself with a flat. For example, our Motion Pro Bead Buddy® II is a great helping hand when you’re in a tight fix. This tool secures the bead into the centre of the rim, allowing you to lesson the weight placed on your tire levers. Therefore, this product helps with breaking the bead on tires, even if you have tubeless tires! Please note that compressed air can be extremely dangerous, so use extra caution when using this tool. Therefore, we strongly advise using online resources to learn how to change a flat tire.

Another excellent tool is the Motion Pro Bead Breaker, which is available in either Forged Steel or Forged Aluminium. This product is also used to break the bead of your tire from the rim. The Forged Steel Bead Breakers are longer (16 inches) than the Forged Alumium Bead Breakers (9.8 inches). Both products have the same geometric design, and include a “cross-T feature”. This feature prevents your hand from sliding down the tool when inserting it into the bead of the tire. Furthermore, both products have a “tongue-in-groove” feature which allows you to lever the bead from the rim. This feature allows you to break the bead on both off-road and street-application tires. This tool will work even if your tires have large safety beads. This will allow you to easily spoon your tire off and back onto the rim. We recommend using online resources to learn how to use the Motion Pro Bead Breakers!