Water Tank Blue 5L


Water tank for carrying water on the motorcycle in remote places!

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The Pioneer Plastics Water Tank Blue 5L can carry your water for emergency or just to have water with you all the time!
This Water Tank Blue 5L can be your daily water for when you go on a long trip or it can be there for emergencies.  It is robust, durable and long lasting. Built in handles for easy carrying. These tanks are stack able either with more water tanks or with the Red fuel tank. Manufactured from 100% recyclable rotationally moulded polyethelene. This product is UV stabalised and designed to be extremely durable.

The dimentions of the tank is: 38cm x 10cm x 27cm

How much water should you carry?

5 Liters of water per person is recommended for someone that weights about 80kg.

When should you drink water?

You should drink water before you get thirsty.

Rather drink more often than not at all for half of the day. Drink about a cup of water per hour to ensure you stay hydrated.

Where are these tanks mounted?

Mostly used on adventure motorcycles. However you can use any of the mounts to mount it to any motorcycle/vehicle.
Our mounting options include the Fuel Tank Bracket, the Rockfox Fuel Tank Bracket, or the Flying Brick Fuel Tank Bracket.


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