Universal Fender Bag


Universal Fender bag that you can attach to your front fender on most bikes.

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This universal fender bag can be mounted onto your front fender on almost any motorcycle. It is supplied with straps that hook onto the fender across the top of the bag with two straps that loop around the front forks back to the bag for extra security.

With some extra work and maybe some extra straps (depends on the bike) you can also fit it to the rear fender of the bike. It has however been developed to mount on the front fender using the front forks as additional mounting points.

This fender bag is perfect for the day trips you might want to go onto or even a longer trip. You can store some small compact tools in the bag. This will ensure that your tools are always with you. You can even store your puncture repair equipment in there. If it fits in the bag, you can store it there if you feel you might need it on your trip. It is water repellent, and we would not suggest putting any electronic devices in there if you think you might have encounters with water or rain.

Features of the Universal Fender Bag:

  • Straps to attach to the front forks
  • 4 hook straps that will hook onto the fender for mounting
  • Water repellent (not waterproof)


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