T4A Map Zambia (1st Ed)


This T4A Map Zambia (1st Ed) will give you the best available routes for travel in Zambia.

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For T4A Map Zambia (1st Ed) durable comprehensive overland map

The T4A Touring Map Zambia gives a detailed overview of travel in Zambia and is the go-to companion for overland adventures. Tracks4Africa maps offer a safe and detailed guide to travel in Africa. Additionally, the maps will provide you with all the information you need to plan your overland.

Use the Tracks4Africa Zambia pamphlet paper map in conjunction with the T4A GPS Map of Zambia.

Map Scale 1:1 000 000

The map scale is 1:1 000 000 and allows for a clear overview of the country.

The T4A Touring Map offers clear travel time information for the entire road network. The Zambia map also clearly indicates all off-road tracks in rural areas and all national roads or game parks.

Tracks4Africa CEO, Johann Groenewald was especially inspired by the Zambian country with its unspoilt beauty and found his inspiration in his travel, exploring Zambia and developing the map.

This The T4A Touring Map of Zambia is the most up to date printed map available for this region.

The double-sided map splits Zambia into East and West for ease of navigation. Therefore the map allows enough additional mapping space to include the neighbouring countries of Zambia, Namibia and Botswana.

Major Map Key features in sum:

• Large 1:1,000,000 scale (large double-sided map)
• The map indicates all travel times and distances.
• The map has a plastic sleeve for extra protection.
• What you see on the paper map is exactly what you get on T4A GPS Maps.
• The map details all major and minor roads and tracks.
• The map shows opening and closing times of all border crossings.
• Printed on a tear and water-resistant PolyArt paper which is especially durable.
• Lastly, it has a shaded relief background for ease of reading.

The map is a joint effort with the local community and Tracks4Africa. All roads and GPS coordinates have been verified making this an extremely reliable go to map and travel companion.

In brief, all map details, parks and major roads and minor roads have been verified by Tracks4Africa.

The T4A GPS Map and the physical map have the same coordinates.


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