RubbaTech Tank Pad Yamaha T7 - Flying Brick

RubbaTech Tank Pad Yamaha T7


Protect your tank from your belt buckle, jacket and from your pants on your inner leg with the RubbaTech Tank Pad.

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With the RubbaTech tank pad you can protect or minimize damage to your tank from light scratches.

RubbaTech Tank Pads are all individually made from an ultra strong and durable Rubber, with extremely high abrasive resistance and UV stability. These tank pads gives maximum and effective protection, but also with unique styling and non-ageing appearance. All RubbaTech pads use a clear PVC application tape with a glue stability range from -10C up to 100C.


  • Clean the surface thoroughly with benzine or de-greaser to ensure surface is free from greasiness, polish or silicone residue.
  • Without removing backing paper, place the RubbaTech pad in position and make reference points
  • Lift and fold back only 20mm – 30mm of the backing paper at first (bottom of tank pad for instance)
    This allows you to position the pad lightly without having to make finger contact with the application tape
  • When in position, slowly pull the rest of the backing paper out from underneath.
    Avoid finger contact with the glue
  • Start by applying pressure in the center of the pad and gently work your way outwards to avoid creasing and trapping of air underneath
  • DO NOT pull or stretch the pad
  • When stuck in place, apply firm pressure all round by rubbing with a soft cloth, especially on all the corners and edges


  • Do not use pressure washer directly on the pad
  • Any dash/rubber treatment will remove scuff marks and keep pad looking great at all times


Here is how to install a RubbaTech Tank or Knee Pad.


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