Rockfox Engine Guard BMW R1200GS/A AC Black


The Rockfox Engine Guard for the BMW R1200GS/A AC helps protect your bike from debris and obstacles when riding. Especially useful for adventure riders dealing with uneven and rocky terrain.

Available in Black or Silver.

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The Rockfox Engine Guard BMW R1200GS/A AC is a great bike protection part. This product is ideal for adventure riders dealing with rocky or uneven terrain. This is because it protects your engine from objects or debris that may fly upwards towards your engine. For example, riding on uneven terrain with puddles contains many unknown obstacles that could be thrown up at your bike as you ride over/past them. Thus, there are many safety benefits from engine guards.

Features of the Rockfox Engine Guard BMW R1200GS/A AC:

This product extends across the sub-frame, and goes far enough back to cover the catalytic converter. Also, it extends high up the side of your bike to protect your exhaust pipe. Finally, it also reaches up the front of your bike to protect your Y-piece. There are several further benefits offered by these features. Because this engine guard is longer and has more coverage than other products, the safety to your bike is enhanced. Furthermore, there are more attachment points on your bike, meaning that it is sturdily attached. Thus, you need not have fear over it coming loose.

This engine guard is supported on 2mm stainless steel brackets, and has been double TIG welded for increased strength. This increases the durabilty of this product, enhancing the protection offered to your bike. The Rockfox engine guard is made from 4.5mm aluminium. Aluminum gives the benefit of being lighter than other metals such as steel, allowing you to lessen the load placed on your bike. It also does not rust, which lengthens its life span.

Additional benefits:

Furthermore, this product can also help reduce the amount of mud and debris that can cover the bike and engine. This can add to the temperature regulation (such as cooling) of the engine. Finally, the engine guard allows ample ventilation so that cool air can rush in over the engine and exhaust. This also helps cool the engine and reduce the likelihood of overheating.

This product is available in Black or Natural Aluminium. We suggest pairing this product with other safety-geared products such as radiator guards or crash bars.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 62 × 40 × 18 cm


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