Navigation Cellphone Holder


Innovative cellphone holder that fits into the BMW Navigation Holder or onto a 12mm cross bar with a supplied bracket.

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Navigation Cellphone Holder

The convenient navigation cellphone holder is designed to fit the factory-fitted BMW Navigation Bracket. The Navigation Bracket is supplied with some models. The models supplied with the bracket include the BMW R1200GSA LC, BMW F750GS, BMW F850GS and BMW R1250GS. However, if your bike was not fitted with the BMW Navigation Bracket, you can still use this product! The cell phone holder can be mounted to any 12mm diameter bar. Therefore, each navigation cellphone holder is supplied with this 12mm bracket whether required or not.

This product is designed to be locked with a BMW key, meeting your safety concerns. Therefore, you can leave your cell phone holder on the bracket, and you can be assured it will not be stolen. However, your cellphone itself can still be stolen if left unattended!

Using a cellphone holder will help enhance your navigating ability, particularly during adventure motorcycling. This is because when driving in unknown territory, having a map directly in front of you makes the journey a little bit easier!

This product is also powered, and has two fitted 3-amp (fast charging) USB sockets. These charging ports are powered directly by the Navigation Bracket, and allow you to charge your phone with these USB ports. Alternatively, you can connect the supplied power cable directly to your battery or any other live wire. For example, you could connect it to your spotlight’s wiring loom. This will allow you an alternative method to run power to the cradle and charge your phone.

If this product doesn’t meet your needs, please consider our range of covers and holders.


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