Top Box and Pannier Inner Bags


Inner bags for your top box and panniers. Easy to remove and carry.

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Top Box and Pannier Inner Bags

These useful inner bags can be placed inside either your top box or pannier bag. This product works by allowing you to remove only the bag from your top box or pannier. Thus, you can leave your heavy top box/pannier attached to your bike, and simply carry the bag to your hotel room, B&B, tent etc.

Use these inner bags inside your top box and or pannier boxes. When you get to your destination you can remove the bags from the hard boxes and leave the boxes on the bike. It will save you from carrying the heavy and uncomfortable boxes into your Hotel Room, B&B, Tent etc.

This is a great product for adventure motorcyclists who make use of hard luggage such as these products. These inner bags also feature built-in carry handles and shoulder straps. This makes it even easier for you to carry this product. These bags also have four rubber feet on their bottoms which allow them to stand slightly off the floor. This helps prevent them from getting damaged/dirty, and lengthens their lifespan.

Please note that these bags are not water proof, but they are water resistant. Furthermore, your choice of hard vs soft luggage is affected by your personal needs and wants. If this is not the right luggage option for you, please refer to our range of hard luggage and soft luggage options.


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