Grip Up Foam Grips


Make your ride more comfortable with these Grip Ups , Not only do they eliminate most handlebar vibrations , they also protect your OEM grips from wear and tear .

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These Super Feel Grips (sold as a set of two grips) are covers which slip onto a motorcycles existing handle grip for additional comfort.

  • Squeezable, soft grip which conforms to the contours of your hands.  Providing greater grip and comfort whilst reducing handlebar vibration
  • UV and OZONE resistant to withstand the harsh South African sun
  • Effortless fitting of Super Feel grips. Simply slide covers over standard motorcycle grips
  • Manufactured with EPDM material, ensuring durability
  • The product is suitable for heated motorcycle grips
  • U.S made product, providing the highest of quality

More information on the sizing of each Grip-Up variant and its matching type of motorcycle(s)

  • Standard Grip-Up: Suitable for most Touring motorcycles, Sport bikes and ScootersFits grips with Outer Diameters of 3.17cm – 3.68cm (1.25″ – 1.45″)
  • Big Grip-Up: Suitable for most Harleys and CruisersFits grips with Outer Diameters of 3.68cm – 4.19cm (1.45″ – 1.65″)


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