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Delivery Box Adaptor Rack


These racks are used to mount the delivery top boxes that we sell. They can be attached to the Scooter Elite, Honda XR125 or the Honda Ace.

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The Deliver Box Adaptor Rack is used to mount one of the Delivery Top Boxes. In mounts securely to the motorcycle and also creates a secure surface to mount the Top Box.

These racks are compatible with the following two top boxes:

Whether you are delivering food, medication, parcels or post the delivery mount adds that much needed extra space to the back of your bike. The rack is is made with steel and mounts quickly to the back of your scooter or motorbike. Get comfortable delivering for your favorite delivery service or just transporting your groceries.

The Delivery Box Adaptor Rack adds a whole lot more versatility to your ride and when used with our Delivery Top box you have a secure and weatherproof container for travel.

The rack is light and easy to attach. You can purchase these at our online store and also order the delivery box. Space is key especially if you ride a scooter or motorbike. The benefits are that you can quickly move through traffic and your bike is lighter on fuel than a car. Where you gain in practicallity you will lack in space. This is where our mounting rack will save you on those delivery or shopping days!



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