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Oxford Chain Brush


The Oxford chain brush is a multi-faced chain brush that is easy to use on a motorcycle drive chain.

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The Oxford Chain Brush is easy to use when cleaning your motorcycle chain. Keeping you chain clean will prolong the lifespan of your chain. Clean it every 350 – 500kms to ensure there is as little wear as possible. Afterwards remember to lubricate your chain, it will protect the chain from rust and makes the chain easier to follow the path around your sprockets.

The Oxford Chain Brush has a big handle to ensure you have a good grip when cleaning your chain.


  • Multi-Faced brush for faster cleaning all round your chain
  • Long bristles for heavy soiled chains when not cleaned regularly
  • Can prevent premature wear and tear to chain, with regular use
  • Suitable for most chain sizes on on- and off-road motorcycles

The chain lube that is on your chain is difficult to remove as is. You can use the following chain cleaner to help remove the old lubricant to clean your chain.

Remember to lubricate your chain with lube or wax after you have cleaned your chain.

Here is a detailed instruction video on how to clean your chain with a chain brush.

In conclusion, always clean your motorcycle chain, it will prolong the life of the chain and have less wear and tear.


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