Bike Parker Centre Stand 60cm


The Bike Parker Centre Stand (60cm Model) is designed to enable you to move a bike with a centre stand (BMW F800GS prior 2013 or Yamaha 660 Z) in any direction. Simply move your bike up onto the Bike Parker, loosen the brakes on the castors and move your bike in any direction.

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Bike Parker Centre Stand

The Bike Parker Centre Stand allows you to efficiently utilise your storage space in your home/garage. This product can take a motorcycle weight of up to 350kg, and allows your vehicle to stand upright. This effectively utilizes space as your bike isn’t leaning to one side on the bike stand. The bike parker also accommodates wheel width’s of up to 260mm. This product is recommended for riders who own multiple bikes. It is also great when you need to efficiently use space to fit your motorcycle into a confined garage. For example, if you own both a motorcycle and a car this is an ideal solution.

You don’t need to wrestle your bike into a confined space, but simply move your bike onto the bike parker. This model then conveniently allows you to move your bike on the centre stand (BMW F800 GS or 1200 GS or similar) in any direction. Using this product will also prevent personal injury from moving your bike around. The stability of your bike is increased through the use of locking castors to prevent unwanted movement. If you own a heavier bike, we recommend the Bike Parker Total Solution. This product accommodates heavier weights and any wheel size.


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