Ready for a round the world motorcycle trip? Here are top eight weird items to take with you!

Every rider’s packing list will vary depending on the motorcycle they ride, their luggage type and capacity, and their needs. Most riders will, of course, carry a tool-set. But here are some weird things you simply must have on a round the world motorcycle trip:

Duct tape

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it has so many awesome benefits it just begs to be mentioned. Duct tape can help fix anything from broken boot soles to camping equipment, so make sure you pack a roll!

Zip Ties

Zip ties are almost as versatile as the duct tape.  They pack small and light – there’s no excuse to forget them.


If you’re planning a long motorcycle trip, chances are, you’ll get cold. If you can’t afford a heated jacket or don’t like them for whatever reason, your next best bet is layers. Make sure you have some good quality base layers, thermals, and a windproof fleece – layering up will keep you warmer than any thick sweater.

Wet Wipes

In some parts of the world, showers just aren’t a thing. If you’re on a budget, you’ll probably camp a lot, too. Wet wipes are a great way to keep as clean and fresh as possible, under any conditions!

A sewing kit

Even if your needlework is below average, keep a small sewing kit in your panniers for all kinds of small repairs.

TeaTree Oil

I’m sure you’ll be packing a first aid kit – but make sure you have some tea tree essential oil with you. Probably the most versatile and effective of all essential oils, tea tree oil can perform miracles on bug bites and small cuts, help to repel mosquitoes, and ward off bacteria and infections.

Eye Drops

Road dust and grime, wind, squinting at the sun – all these things can take an unpleasant toll on your eyes, so pack some soothing eye drops to avoid feeling and looking like a vampire!

Canned food

Believe it or not, a can of tuna and some veggies can make for a wonderful meal if you’re hungry and somewhere remote. Sure, cans weigh more than the dried meal packets, but they’ll keep forever and will make a fantastic addition to a roadside or campsite meal when resources are scarce.

Written by:  by Eglė / @EvergreenE (Digital nomad, adventure rider, writer)