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The Desert Fox EzSeat is a must-have chair for all outdoor activities, including walking, cycling, camping, concerts and of course adventure motorcycling. This product is compact, light, strong and durable and is designed to ensure comfort in any location. For example, the frame is made from aircraft grade anodized aluminium which ensures that the chair is both strong, light and rust resistant. This means that you can take your chair to the beach or fishing near salt water without fear of deterioration! Finally, the seat cover is made from 600D fabric, and includes reinforced panels and double stitching at stress points.

Assembling the Desert Fox EzSeat:

This product can be assembled or broken down within 60 seconds. The frame rods are connected to an internal shock cord system. Therefore, once the frame is removed from its carrying bag it automatically starts to assemble itself. Once assembled, you simply stretch the seat cover over the frame. When it’s time to pack up, the internal shock cord system means you don’t need to take the frame apart. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about losing poles. The carrying bag has loops and daisy chains which allows you to tie it to almost anything including the chair. For example, it can be attached to a back-pack, bike pannier or a kayak!


The EzSeat has been designed to ensure you have maximum comfort when reclining. This is achieved through the mesh backing, panels and double stitching. The mesh provides ventilation, and the panels and double stitching ensure maximum support. The back support is also angled uprgiht, to allow your neck to remain comfortably straight. This reduces the need to hold your neck at uncomfortable positions. Therefore, you can eat or read easily without having to adjust your position. The seat height is raised above the ground to allow you to stretch your legs without fear of falling backwards.


  • Assembled: 5 cm wide by 52cm deep by 69cm high
  • Packed: 35cm long by 10cm wide by 12cm high
  • Weight: 890 grams (960gm with the tote bag)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 145kg
  • Seat height is 40cm above the ground
  • Mesh backing provides effective ventilation, allows seat to dry quickly
  • Fits into a 38l top box with a peaked helmet

This great camping chair is available in our online store now!