The ZETA XC Hand Guard are an essential product for any off-road adventure motorcyclist. This product works to protect both your knuckles and hands, as well as your brake and clutch levers. This added protection generates long term savings as you reduce the damage (thus the need to repair!) to these levers! Hand guards offer this protection at both low and high riding speeds.

Beyond safety benefits, hand guards can also enhance your performance and control of your bike. This is because hand guards deflect wind while riding along highways!

Please note: these hand guards are designed to be used with the Zeta Titanium Hand Guard Backbone! Once the backbone has been secured onto your bike, the Zeta XC Hand Guard can then be attached to the backbone. The backbone includes holes to drill and attach this product to. Fixing the Zeta Hand Guard Armour full package to your bike is also quick and easy.

You can buy these hand guards in 7 different colours! Your safety needs and choice of bike protection parts will depend on your personal preferences. If this isn’t the perfect product for you, please refer to our range of hand guards to find the best option!


Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm


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