TrTech Foot Pegs Lowered KTM 690 / Husq701


These lowered foot pegs are 20mm lower for better comfort while riding.

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TrTec Foot Pegs Lowered KTM 690 / Husq701

The TrTec Foot Pegs Lowered KTM 690 / Husq701 are a great upgrade to enhance your bike. These foot pegs are 20mm lower than the standard OEM foot pegs. Therefore, the lowered foot pegs allow the bend of your knee to be less tight. This will enhance your comfort, especially on longer rides. While this is a great product for any rider, we particularly recommend these foot pegs for adventure motorcyclists. This is because this product will be especially helpful when riding long distances during trips. These lowered foot pegs are probably one of the most overlooked upgrades you can make to your bike!

Additionally, the TrTec Foot Pegs are not only lowered. They are also longer and wider. This means that they have a much larger platform for your foot to rest on while sitting and/or standing and riding. This further enhances your comfort while riding. Additionally, for larger and/or heavier bikes, the wideness of these foot pegs help enhance your control over your bike. For example, these pegs are lower and thus it is easier for you to reach your foot controls. Additionally, the open design of the foot pegs makes it easier to remove dirt, mud and debris. The design incorporates spike-protrusions, which assists grip and stability in wet/slippery conditions.

This product is specifically designed for the KTM 690 / Husq 701 motorcycle. If does not meet your needs – for example, if this is not your bike model – please refer to our range of TrTec Lowered Foot Pegs.


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