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The problems
Almost every biker knows them; wind pressure, turbulence, buffeting and noise. The question is, though, which is the lesser of the evils?

The reduction of one problem provided by many screens often means an increase in one of the others, depending upon the height of the rider, the helmet they wear, their type of clothing and even whether they carry a passenger or not.

Important Note: Screens will be checked and photographed before being sent off.  We have a NO-return policy on screens.

The ‘7-in-1’ solution
To combat this, MRA has developed the first screen designed to give riders of more sports focussed multi-purpose bikes the chance to tailor their bike’s wind cheating characteristics to suit their own needs, the 7-way adjustable Vario-Touring Screen.

This is a development of the World renowned full-size MRA Vario Screen – developed for high end tourers such as the Honda VFR800 – designed to offer the same wind-cheating benefits for fatigue-reducing, high speed, long distance rider comfort.

How it works
The Vario-Touring Screen has an easily adjustable (no tools are required) spoiler near its upper edge, which can be set in seven different positions in terms of angle and height to reduce tiresome turbulence and wind noise. Because the spoiler sits on the screen, the air flow is fanned out and becomes virtually turbulence free. The diffuser effect is increased by putting the spoiler on end because the angle and and the distance are increased at the same time. This technique makes the air flow in such a way that it is possible to have a good relaxed ride at high speed for long stretches.

Pillions love it too!
Pillion passengers benefis from the improved airflow and their needs can used to influence the position of the spoiler.

Additionally, because everyone’s a different height, the most common question we’re asked is, which will be the perfect screen for me – Touring, Double-Bubble, Flip or Sports etc? And, unfortunately, the answer here, used to be that whichever fixed screen you may have bought it was almost ‘pot luck’.

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Other benefits
MRA screens are manufactured from a unique and specially developed material – used by no other screen manufacturer – with the following ideal and unique combination of properties.

Shock resistant and shatterproof – to minimize the chance of breakage from the impact of stone chips etc.
Rigid – to retain its shape and avoid distortion under extreme wind pressure and high temperatures
Safer – in extreme circumstances should it break, the resultant edges are not sharp
Resistant to most chemicals – including Petroleum / Gasoline and Alcohol etc.
UV (sunlight) resistant – for at least ten years to avoid dulling or clouding


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