Spot set 15degrees Spot (J Spot)


Two 20 Watt, 1800 Lumen spot lights to light up the road in front of you and be more visible.

The 15 degree spot will light up the road further.

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Spot set 15degrees Spot (J Spot)

The Spot set 15degrees (J Spot) consists of two 20 Watt, 1800 Lumen spot lights. The spot-lights also include a full wiring loom, which has an in-line fuse and an in-line relay. We recommend this product for anyone who rides a lot at night or takes a route with poor visibility. This is especially the case if your route is not well lit. This is because these spot-lights help enhance your vision, by illuminating objects in the road. Therefore, this product can significantly increase your safety and help prevent collisions and accidents. Furthermore, this product will also enhance your visibility to other motorists, enhancing your safety further. The 15-degree beam provides a concentrated beam that illuminates obstructions ahead over longer distances.

The 15-degree beam is not significantly wide; however, and will not light up the entire road. If you would prefer spotlights with a wider angle but a shorter range, we recommend the K Spot. This will allow you to illuminate more of the road directly in front of you. This is also a good product to enhance your visibility on the road. We recommend referring to online resources to choose the right beam angle for your vehicle.



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