SP Universal Interface


The adhesive UNIVERSAL INTERFACE attaches directly on to a smartphone or a phone case of your choice. It can also be used on other devices such as speakers, powerbanks, etc.

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The SP ConnectTM mount is a universal interface which accommodates any type of device. This is because the universal interface is directly attached to the back of your phone or phone case. This then locks onto a MicroRail Adhesive Mount, which itself is attached to the handlebars of your transport. You can fix your phone to bicycles, cars, motorcycle and even running armbands with this product. This is achieved via the SP Universal Interface’s secure, patented twist-to-lock mechanism.

Therefore, you can be hands-free, and use your phone while riding. It makes it easier and safer for you to utilize functions such as maps/navigation, and music! Using the SP Universal Interface is therefore quick and easy!

You can even use this product to attach other items, such as small speakers, to your transport as well!

Product Features:

The SP Universal Interface features a secure, and low-profile interface; and a 3M™ adhesive. It is small and compact, allowing you to carry it in a jacket pocket when not in use! It measures just 66 x 55mm (2.6 x 2.17 inches) .

Included in the box:

  • Universal Interface (x1)
  • MicroRail Adapter (x1)
  • MicroRail Adhesive Mount (x1)
  • StandTool (x1)
  • Case Cap (x1)

If this product doesn’t meet your personal needs, we suggest considering our range of covers and holders to find your perfect fit!


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