SP Bar Clamp Mount


The SP Connect™ BAR CLAMP MOUNT lets you mount your smartphone to your motorcycle in seconds.

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You can securely mount your smartphone to your bike with the SP Bar Clamp Mount in seconds! This product is securely screwed into the bar clamp of your motorbike. It allows you to place your phone directly in your field of vision, so you don’t need to avert your eyes from the road! You can enjoy hands-free use of your phone’s navigation, messages and music apps! Your phone will be securely locked in front of you.

The SP Bar Clamp Mount is designed to be used with either the SP Connect™ Phone Case or the SP Universal Interface. Simply attach one of these products to your phone/phone cover. Then, place your smartphone against the clamp mount, and rotate it 90° clockwise. This will activate the unique, patented twist-to-lock mechanism which secures your device. You can also position your phone in either landscape or portrait orientation, to meet your needs.

This product is made from CNC-machined, aircraft grade aluminium. Furthermore, it has a unique vibration dampening system which reduces the vibration of your smartphone. The SP Bar Clamp Mount also includes stainless steel hardware.

What’s included:

1 x Bar Clamp Mount
3x Screws M8 (40/45/50mm)

If this product doesn’t meet your needs, we suggest considering our range of covers and holders.


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