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Sena 20S Wired Mic


The Sena 20s Wired Microphone for use with the Sena 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System.

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The Sena 20S Wired Mic was designed to be used in conjunction with the Sena 20S Evo Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System. This microphone allows you to activate voice commands for your Bluetooth communication system. For example, the functions include intercom, speed dial, music, and FM radio. There are two methods to activate the voice command system. The first is to say “Hello Sena!”, and follow this with a command. However, this only works when your unit is in standby mode. The second method of activation is to double tap the body of the command unit. Then, follow this with a command.

In general, this product is used to communicate with other riders, and is intended to be fixed to the inside of your helmet. This can be done through simple tape or other methods. Therefore, you can more permanently mount the mike to your helmet. Having a mic on the inside of your helmet will allow you to better communicate. This is because your voice will be clearer without interference from wind or ambient noises.

This is a great product for those riding with friends or clubs as it allows instant, clear communication. This allows you to better coordinate and enhance your safety as you can instantly share warnings of obstacles or threats. The Sena 20S Wired Mike is a great product for those on long trips or shorter commutes alike. We recommend using online videos on how to use the Sena 20s voice commands if still unsure.


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