Rocky Creek MotoPressor Puncture Repair Plugs


This product consists of 5 repair plugs, which must be used with the Rocky Creek MotoPressor Puncture Repair Tool.

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Rocky Creek MotoPressor Puncture Repair Plugs

The Rocky Creek MotoPressor Puncture Repair Plugs are designed to be used with the MotoPressor puncture repair tool. This product includes a set of 5 puncture repair plugs, which are 185mm long and 3.5mm in diameter. The benefit of this product is that it is very compact. For example, the plugs can simply be folded in half and stored in the sheath of the puncture repair tool.

Once the source of the puncture (e.g. nail, glass) has been removed from your tire with the puncture repair tool, you can insert the repair plugs. You will require the MotoPressor puncture repair tool to do so. A single plug can be inserted into the ‘insertion tool’. Then, you must insert the plug completely through the puncture hole, and then pull it halfway out. This will ensure the plug completely fills the puncture hole. This method is considered the most reliable way to insert the plug by Rocky Creek Designs. This is because it creates a patch-style repair on the inside of your tyre.

For more information, we suggest using online resources for a demonstration of the motorbike puncture repair kit. This demonstration includes a how-to guide on the use of both the puncture repair tool and puncture repair plugs.


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