Rockfox Crash Bars BMW G310GS Black


Rockfox Crash Bars in black for the BMW G310GS


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The Rockfox Crash Bars BMW for the BMW G310GS is a great safety-geared product that helps reduce the damage to your bike in a fall-over or collision. Crash bars work by dispersing the force of an impact from a single point to multiple areas. These areas are located along the crash bars. Therefore, the force of impact on any single area of the bike is reduced. This helps ensure that minimal damage is done to your bike.

Once you have secured the crash bars to your bike, these bars also ensure that they hit the ground before other expensive parts. For example, your engine and side-panels are protected by crash bars. This reduces the damage to these expensive parts, and therefore saves you money in the long run. This is because you’ll be less likely to have to replace the (more expensive!) bike parts.

Product Features:
  • Available in Powder Coated Black, and has been sand-blasted before powder coating
  • TIG Welded for enhanced strength
  • Made from 25.4mm x 2mm steel tubing
  • Comes up high and sits wide enough to protect the motorcycle panels

To maximise your safety and protection, we suggest pairing this product with other safety geared products. For example, radiator guards and tank pads are also good safety-geared products. Finally, your choice will depend on your safety needs and wants. This choice will also be affected by the make and model of your bike. Therefore, if this product doesn’t meet your needs, we suggest considering our range of crash bars to find the best option.


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