RADE Under-Seat Fuel Tank

This is a smart, under seat tank design for an extra 6.2LT of fuel which could add an extra 100KM to your range while you keep your original handling intact.

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Capacity : 6.2LT

This fuel tank will be fitted underneath the seat where the OEM air box would have been located.The standard Air box gets replaced with two new K&N Air filters as well as K&N wrap giving you maximum protection as well as easy maintenance.

This unique auxiliary fuel tank will add an extra 100KM to your range, this means that your 690 will do over 300Km in range when adding this tank.


  • Transparent tank and filler cap
  • Brackets, bolts, etc.
  • K&N filter, K&N wrap, breather filter
  • Gas and vent tubes and Petcock
  • Connection part to the main tank

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 31 cm


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