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PUIG Screen DTint BMW R1200GS (13-17)

Increase your safety from oncoming objects and debris; as well as aerodynamics and fuel efficiency with the PUIG Screen DTint!

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The PUIG Screen DTint is the perfect addition to your BMW R1200GS (13 – 17) bike. This screen is designed to protect you when riding from oncoming obstacles, debris and weather. For example, this screen helps prevent cold air directly impacting you in cooler weather, thus helping you keep your body temperature up. Upgrading your bike with this screen will thus allow you to extend your riding season into the colder months. It will also help block oncoming debris that would otherwise make impact with the rider. This increases your safety and protection.

Furthermore, the PUIG Screen DTint will help increase the aerodynamic efficiency of your bike. This works by reducing the wind drag as your ride. This will, in turn, increase your fuel efficiency.

This product is made from high-impact acrylic, and is 4mm thick. It has a rounded contour which is 2mm thick. This complies with the German TÜV regulations. This screen is 545 mm (height) x 445 mm (width). This product also includes fitting instructions, as well as aerodynamic study instructions.

You can refer to our range of other PUIG screens if this product is not compatible with your bike.


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