Oxford Chain & Padlock Heavy Duty


Oxford HD Chain Lock Heavy Duty Chain and Padlock

The popular Oxford HD chain lock is a fantastic mid-range lock which is light enough to be easily carried with you but still sufficiently secure to deter would-be thieves.

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This post was last updated on June 23rd, 2020 at 03:52 pm

The Oxford Chain and Padlock (Heavy Duty) is an affordable, reliable security option! This product includes a 9.5mm thick hardened square link chain, which is 1m in length. The chain is covered in a soft but durable fabric nylon sleeve. The chain includes ‘pass-through links’ at each end, which are fitted to the padlock. This means that you can use the padlock as a disc lock without the chain!

The double-locking padlock includes a rotating dust cover to help keep grime out of the core. It also has a metal interior construction to increase the life-span of this lock. While a sledgehammer will cause damage to the chain, the lock is able to withstand a strong attack. You can enjoy low- to medium- levels of security with the Oxford Chain and Padlock.

This product includes three keys, and a key replacement service. Therefore, if you do lose all of your keys, you can get a new spare made up for you! Just ensure that you note your key number when you purchase this lock.

Product Features:
  • Key Dust Cover
  • Three (3) keys
  • Key replacement service
  • ART 4114 approved
  • Sold Secure Motor Scooter Silver approved

If this product does not meet your personal security needs, we suggest considering our range of safety and security options!


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