Helmet Lock and T Bar Extension


HelmetLok and T-Bar Extension for optimum helmet security.

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The Rocky Creek HelmetLok is designed to securely lock your helmet to your bike. This product has a carabiner style lock with a 4-digit code. The locking mechanism is made from a weather-resistant zinc alloy. This adds to the durability of this product. Furthermore, the entire carabiner is coated in protective plastic, in order to prevent scratches to your bike.

You do not need to permanently fix the Rocky Creek HelmetLok to your bike. Instead, it can be easily stored in a jacket pocket or luggage. You can thus fix your helmet to any part of your bike due to this feature. You can also secure other items such as luggage, jackets or even a briefcase!

This product will fit around any part of your bike that has a 1.5″ diameter or less. This includes handlebars, bike frames, gear racks and grab rails. To secure your helmet, simply open the locking arm and slide the carabiner through your helmet’s D-Shackle. Then, the locking arm can pivot outwards to attach it to your bike. Finally, simply close and lock it!

You can rest easy knowing that your helmet is securely fixed to your vehicle when using this product.

We suggest pairing this lock with the HelmetLok T-Bar Extension. This product allows you to lock a helmet that has a “quick release” buckle to your bike. First, you push the HelmetLok T Bar Extension through the quick release buckle. Then, you attach your helmet and the t-bar to the HelmetLok. This is done by pushing your HelmetLok through the hole in the extension. Finally, fix the HelmetLok to your bike. We recommend using online resources for more information on using the HelmetLok and T-Bar Extension.

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