Go Gravel Radiator Guard Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin


The Go Gravel Radiator Guard for the Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin is designed to protect the vulnerable radiators from flying sticks, stones, and other debris.

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The Go Gravel Radiator Guard Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin is an essential bike protection part! This is because of the protection it gives your radiator from debris such as flying sticks or rocks. Thus, we especially suggest that offroad riders enjoy this product. This is because there is much more debris kicked up by your front wheel when riding offroad.

There are several additional safety benefits offered by radiator guards. For example, it offers extra indirect protection to other parts of your bike. This is because a hole in your radiator could, for example, lead to water being sprayed on your tires. This will increase the likelihood of a more severe accident. You will have to replace much more than just a radiator if this does happen!

Furthermore, you can also save money over the long term with this product. This is because it reduces damage to your radiator, and thus reduces the need to buy a new one! This product will also enhance the look and feel of your bike.

This radiator guard has been thoroughyl tested at the Honda Quest True Adventure competition in 2017. It performed well in warm and dusty conditions up to 50°C (122°F).

Product Features:
  • Black powder-coated
  • Made from 1.6 mm stainless steel
  • Model year/s: 2016 onward
  • Model designation: CRF1000L

To optimize your safety and security, we recommend using this product with other bike protection parts such as crash bars! If this product isn’t your perfect fit, please consider our wide range of radiator guards!


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