Desert Fox Tyre Toolkit Pro Yamaha XT660Z


A motorcycle tyre tool kit that dramatically eases solo removal & fitment of motorcycle wheels and tyres. No more pinched tubes or damaged tyre beads

Each item in the kit has been chosen to ease what is often a daunting task.

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Desert Fox Tyre Pro Motorcycle Tyre Tool Kit


The Desert Fox Tyre Toolkit Pro for Yamaha XT660Z includes:

  •  Desert Fox tyre ease tool. – This tool removes the possibility of pinching of tubes or tearing of tyre beads. Its unique design pushes the tyre back onto the rim, with minimal effort.
  • Motorcycle Tyre Valve Stem Puller – takes the pain (and bloodied knuckles) out of refitting tubes after a puncture/tyre change. The 3 functions of this tool make valve stem and inner tube jobs faster and easier.
  • Motorcycle 90 Degree Bend Valve Extension- allows for easy inflation of the tyre
  • Rim savers to prevent scratching and chipping of rims
  • Heavy duty tyre levers with wide spoon design makes for easier tyre removal
  • Heavy Dual Chuck Tyre Pressure Gauge with an offset head that reaches tight areas.
  • Bead Buddy – No more fighting to keep the bead down as it holds the tire bead down in the drop center of the rim, simplifying tyre changing.
  • Model specific wheel sockets, torque sockets, hex bits and axle tools included. Only the tools you need for your bike, and none you do not.
  • Packaged in a heavy duty water resistant tool roll.


Robust Tyre levers

Manufactured from Chrome-vanadium steel with an Anti-Slip handle that has no sharp edges, for additional comfort and safety.
Purposely designed with a wide spoon design to prevent accidental tube pinching.


All Desert Fox bike tools meet or exceed:


DIN – The German Institute for Standardization (The Deutsches Institut fur Normung e.V)

ANSI-The American National Standards Institute


Benefits of Standard adherence:

  • Top-grade industrial quality for rugged use.
  • High bending strength – tools do not fracture or splinter when overloaded, therefore posing a lower risk of injury to the user.
  • Strict production tolerances ensure a perfect fit on bolts.
  • Ergonomic profiles without sharp edges.


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