AXP Racing Engine Guard KTM 790


AXP Racing’s Poly Skid Plate for the KTM 790 Adventure features a tough, thick 8mm poly plate that’s designed to protect your Engine, Fuel Tanks & your Rear Shock Linkage.

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The AXP Racing Engine Guard KTM 790 is an essential bike safety part for your KTM 790! This product is perfect for adventure riders who traverse uneven and/or rocky roads. This is because the engine guard (or ‘skid plate’) prevents sticks, mud and other debris from hitting your engine. For example, riding on dirt roads with many puddles or potholes is very risky and you will likely encounter debris. Thus, there are several safety benefits from using an engine guard!

Features of the AXP Racing Engine Guard KTM 790:

This engine guard is made from 8mm thick HDPE plastic, a very lightweight and tough material. HDPE plastic will bend/flex on impact, instead of denting or distorting. Furthermore, there is no vibration noises that accompany aluminium plates. This is because there is no metal-on-metal contact at the mount of the engine guard. This material is also much lighter than traditional aluminium engine guards. The engine guard and hardware together weigh just 3.2kgs.

The HDPE plastic is also fully black, and not painted. Therefore, any potential scratches will be largely invisible! The HDPE plastic also allows the engine guard to ‘slide’ over obstacles.

This product is designed to protect both your engine and lower fuel tank, and also includes a mudguard. Therefore, you will save money in the long term with this engine guard! This is because damage to your (more expensive) engine and fuel tanks will be reduced.


All the necessary mounting hardware is included with this purchase. We recommend using online resources on fitting the AXP Racing Engine Guard KTM 790 if you are still unsure!

This engine guard has also been designed to mount to existing skid plate mounts and frame points.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fitment of this skid plate it is not compatible with a center stand fitment.

This product works best when paired with other safety-based products, such as crash bars! If this isn’t the right product for you, please consider our range of engine guards to find your perfect fit!


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